Challenge {{current_king}} !

Who has offered up {{current_king_value}} EETH to become the reigning king.

Awaiting transaction...

Previous monarchs

Date Crowned Name "Stake"
{{m.date_crowned}} {{}} {{m.value}} EETH


  # Globals
    king_name*: bytes32
    king_addr*: address
    king_value*: wei_value

  # Events
  proc BecameKing(name: bytes32, value: uint128) {.event.}

  # Methods
  proc becomeKing*(name: bytes32) {.payable,self,msg,log.} =
    if msg.value > self.king_value:
      self.king_name = name
      self.king_addr = msg.sender
      self.king_value = msg.value
      log.BecameKing(name, msg.value)
Web3 browser is not connected, please do so now. MetMask is a good Web3 browser plugin, you can use.

You are not connected to eWasm Testnet

To do so using metamask:

  1. a. Open Metamask, tap the network selector at the top, and click Custom RPC.
    b. Enter the following URL:
    c. Click save.
  2. To get funds:
    a. Browse to the faucet, make sure it your public key is shown correctly - from Metamask in the "user" section, then tap "request 1 ether from faucet" in the "faucet" section.
    b. Click the txid that appears in the "transactions" section and watch your faucet transaction get mined.
    Setup a geth testnet node and mine some coins!
  3. Become the reigning monarch :)